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10 Amazing Disney World Experiences You Need in Your Life

10 Amazing Disney World Experiences You Need in Your Life

For many, going to Disney World is a dream come true. For some, especially those who don't live near it, it's a once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget what it was like to spend a few days at Disney World as an adolescent so to make sure that your once in a lifetime, dream come true experience is everything it deserves to be, or to make sure that you never stop being amazed by the incredible wonder and magic that is Disney World, we have a list of the 10 things you absolutely NEED to do while you're there. Trust us, you will not regret a single opportunity to make the most magic out of the most magical place in the world.


1. Fast passes to character meets

Most of the time the one thing that comes to mind when you hear "fast pass" no matter what amusement park you're thinking about is cutting the long lines to get one those sweet rides. Well, at Disney World, fast passes do so much more. If you haven't been or haven't noticed when you have been, there's all too often a line to meet your favorite beloved Disney characters from Snow White to Mickey Mouse. Fast passes can help you knock out all your favorites one after the other, no wait necessary. Especially if this is your once in a lifetime chance to meet the Princess of your dreams, get the fast pass.

2. Unlimited rides on the Magic Kingdom Railroad

The Magic Kingdom Railroad is a must visit in general but it can be so much more. Being able to relax and enjoy the ride while you see the fantastic park from a relaxed perspective is unparalleled and surprisingly, most guests have no clue that you can actually get on board and exit the train as you so desire. What this means is that you can circle the park as many times as you  need. Get that well deserved break without missing a moment of Disney magic. This is also a great place to unwind or happily distract a younger child while the big kids ride on the stuff that's not so friendly to the little ones. Let's face it, Disney can be enjoyed by all ages and the adults want to get their fun on, too!

3. Turtle Talk with Crush

Ok, I'm about to blow your mind with adorable. Crush the sea turtle is a beloved character from the Disney phenomenon Finding Nemo. Turtle Talk with Crush is an experience that is located inside the Living Seas at Epcot. Being in a unique location, it's easy to miss but trust me when I say you do NOT want to miss this insanely adorable attraction and neither do your kids!


4. Solidify some later dinner reservations to better manage your park time experiences

At Disney World most restaurants seat guests from 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm for dinner so get that reservation in a little later and spend more time enjoying the park and working up a hearty appetite. It's also a good excuse to get some much to be desired snacks throughout the day. Be ready and eager to devour an awesome dinner at just the right time by thinking outside the box of normal meal times. Remember, it's a vacation and you want to really live it up so spend that extra couple hours in the park and have dinner a little later because you can!


5. Speaking of dinner, dining at a dessert party is a super awesome dinner option!

Particularly if you're a self-proclaimed Disney World veteran and you've eaten just about everywhere, here's something awesome to consider next time: book a dessert party instead of a dinner reservation. How does this not sound amazing? The dessert party at The Magic Kingdom offers the absolute perfect view of the fireworks from Tomororwland (a must see as it is) and a delicious bottomless buffet of dessert, fruit and chocolate treats. Vacation isn't a time to chew on celery, enjoy it while you're there!


6. Kind of stuck on food at the moment, have you considered Dinner Packages?

If you're looking to score yourself some "preferred seating" at some super stellar shows (which you know you are,) then an entertainment and dinner package is the best way to go about it! Show packages change and are offered at different times in all parks so be sure to look into what's going on during your specific visit but for example, Fantasmic in Hollywood Studios gets you on board for a prefix menu of some super yummy dinner dishes at a restaurant in the park and most importantly secures you a first come first served seat at the evening show. Now that sounds ideal!

7. The Playground near Splash Mountain is a ton of fun for children

There's a small toddler play area near Splash Mountain that is not only super fun for your little ones but a great place in just the right location to entertain the younger children while older kids and adults enjoy the ever famous Splash Mountain. Conveniently located directly under the Frontierland Magic Kingdom Railroad train platform, which you now know you can enjoy a few rounds on if you so desire, it's the perfect distraction for your young ones. Don't believe me? This fun play area includes plenty of cool shaded parent seating and a small Brer Rabbit playhouse, complete with a slide for kids to play on! I wish I was 2 again...

8. Frontierland is the best place to watch parades!

It's not hard to believe but more than an hour prior to parade time in The Magic Kingdom it is not uncommon to see people lining up all along Main Street U.S.A. to secure the perfect seat to watch the parade with their family. Consequently, this area gets really crowded really quickly and often results in a crunched and uncomfortable viewing experience. Instead of being squished in with the masses, consider this instead: the streets of Frontierland. A typically less crowded and more relaxed viewing experience doesn't sound so bad when you think about being crammed in with everyone else trying to see the best of the parades, does it?


9. Shop after the park closes, duh!

Official park closings times do not necessarily mean the shops close! At least, not immediately. If the Magic Kingdom closes at 1am, that means the attraction line gate closes at 1:00 am. This ensures that guests waiting in line still get to enjoy the attraction they've been waiting possibly a couple hours for before they have to exit the park. Because of this, often shops inside the Magic Kingdom linger open and while we wouldn't suggest browsing for a couple hours, saving your must have list for your last stop before exiting the park is pretty much perfect. Enjoy every minute of the park and grab your must haves on the way out. Don't ever sacrifice park fun time again!

10. Playing in ride queues is more fun than you think it would be.

Disney is pretty savvy to their wait lines and what it's like. Of course no one goes to Disney World to play games in the wait line but don't count them out! Games and options include: Talking to Scuttle in line for The Little Mermaid, sorting “potatoes” in a popping machine in Rabbit’s garden in the ride line for Pooh, touring the Darling’s nursery as you wait your turn for Peter Pan, or playing an enchanted organ in line for The Haunted Mansion. These little games are genuinely fun ways to pass the time and have fun with your family while you wait for the big guns to come out and ride all those awesome rides and watch all those awesome shows.