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11 Hair Raising Facts About Sphynx Cats

11 Hair Raising Facts About Sphynx Cats

by Elana

Sphynx cats are a beloved cat breed as unique as a cat breed can be. In fact, those who are totally obsessed with these frisky felines have a tendency to go ALL out and we decided it's high time we learned the ins and outs that make this fascinating cat so treasured by so many. These 11 hair raising facts may not be of the furry variety but they're definitely cat-tastic and sure to spike your interest in this amazing breed!


1. They're not actually hairless.

Sphynx cats appear completely bald but it's a LIE! While at first glance many individuals feel startled to look at what appears to be a completely naked cat but brace yourself to gently stroke one and you'll be amazed. The reality is that Sphynx cats are actually covered with a fine layer of soft fuzz! Often described as "downy fuzz" for how incredible soft it is, their not so furry fur is almost like stroking suede instead of a ball of fluffy love.


2. Here's a hair raising history lesson!

The breed has not really been around too terribly long and where they come from will probably startle you.

The first Sphynx cat was born in the 1960's way up North in Ontario! Yep, that's right, a nation known for being filled with snow 80% of the year gave us the world' first "hairless" cat. Born as a result of a natural genetic mutation, the breed took off from there. In the mid 1970's, two separate SETS of hairless kittens were bornĀ  to owners in Toronto and Minnesota, both just as known for being icy cold as Ontario. Due to some intentional and well-planned breeding attempts we have today a modern, Canadian Sphynx that delights families everywhere.

Also noteworthy, the North American Sphynx is not the only hairless breed of cat. A separate breed entirely, the Donskoy is a similar hairless breed out of Russia and other hairless cats have popped up all over the world. However, the big difference between the Sphynx and the Donskoy is that the Donskoy's lack of luscious locks is due to a dominate gene abnormality and the Sphynx is due to a recessive gene abnormality.

Cool, right?!

The Donskoy


In Russia, cat hairs you.

The Sphynx


The North American Sphynx is the best!