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12 Jokes You Won't Be Able To Lego Of


12 Jokes You Won't Be Able To Lego Of

by Ezra Zydan

You'd be surprised at how satisfying it still is in this day and age to take out a LEGO kit and just go to work on building something. Sure, it might take a few hours, but if you've nothing to do, what better way to spend your time than to fuel your imagination with an 80 piece LEGO kit? With over 400 billion little bricks crafted in the last 67 years, it's no surprise that some would find some hilarious ways to work with one of the purest forms of enjoyment in the six and a half decades.

LEGO Battle Tactics:


Not sure if stalker or Titanic reenactment:


That moment when you realise that raspberries make great LEGO afros:


When you finally turn 100 and they take away your LEGOs:


If this is your doctor, you found a good one:


This kid is definitely immortal:


His feet just won't LEGO:

via:Truck Bearing Kibble

When you find your dad in your LEGOs:


When you ask the barber to hit you with that LEGO fade:


LEGO dad is tired of this mess:


Not even the Tibetan monks would survive this hell.


When you wanna be romantic but you're not sure what to get your wife:

via:Mark Parisi You probably couldn't lego of these amazingly funny puns, so if puns are your thing, then click here to be entertained. Probably.