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13 Things Retail Workers Really Want You To Know

13 Things Retail Workers Really Want You To Know

1. The customer is NOT always right.

I know, you want to clutch your pearls in mortified horror right now, don't you? It's practically unanimous from retail workers all over that when a customer, or even a potential customer, throws this line out, it's hand-in-hand with a bad attitude. Hey, newsflash: being a customer is not an excuse to not be a decent person.


2. Being rude to the employees gets you nowhere.

Hey, we've all been there. It's frustrating when you go to the store or to that fast food restaurant and they don't have something or they can't use your coupon or offer you that discount. But these employees you're face-to-face with don't make the decisions. They make minimum wage and do as they're told. What do you think being rude will accomplish besides embarrassing yourself? I'm sure it feels good to take your attitude out on someone else but everyone is staring at you in disbelief while they shake their heads in shame. Stop it.


3. Repeat after me: We are not flirting with you.

It's 2017 and people STILL confuse genuine kindness with flirting. That barista is not flirting with you when she miles and hopes you have a nice day. The cashier is not hoping you'll ask him out when he hopes your weekend goes swell. We are not flirting with you, we're not!


4. We don't actually hate people.

Sometimes we only see the worst in people so it can be hard to focus on everything else but the truth is that we don't hate people. We just really don't like mean people.


5. When your friends all work a 9 to 5, working retail sucks.

If you've ever been on both sides of this then you get it every way possible but most of the time when you're that one friend in the group who doesn't work a 9 to 5 it's kind of like everyone thinks you're avoiding them or ditching them constantly when the truth is you're going in when they're getting off and you're working extra hours on holidays and weekends, when they are getting extra time off. It sucks. It's isolating. It's depressing. It's lonely. Sometimes your only friends become other people who work retail.

via:Her Campus

6. Do you know who sets the prices? It's not the employee you're harassing.

We get it, nobody wants to spend a ton of money, but we don't understand what you hope to accomplish by complaining to us about the prices? We don't set them, we can't change them, and now this entire transaction is super awkward. What's even worse is when you expect your cashier to explain why something costs the way it does. What are you thinking?


7. "Clopening"

If you thought an open to close shift was bad just wait, it gets worse. Closing one night and opening the next morning is dreadful. If you ever hear your friend or family member venting about their "clopening" shifts, have some sympathy. Buy them a beer and be nice.


8. Jaw dropping: most of "us" don't hate our jobs

OK, the truth is that those of us in retail probably complain a lot, and I do mean a lot, about our jobs and people we interact with and probably even our bosses. But the truth is that's just a coping mechanism, and most of the time, in general, we actually like our jobs. We get to meet a ton of people! Interesting people, quirky people, unique people, kind people, funny people, and yeah sometimes crappy people. Don't let our venting and complaining fool you, it's not so bad working retail most of the time.


9. If you complain about my coworker, I'm probably laughing at you.

We may smile and nod as you complain about that other employee and how unhelpful they are but trust me, they've probably talked about you plenty and I'm probably on their side.


10. You actually DO pick up good skills working in retail.

It's not a dead-end job, it's not a job for the lazy or useless, and it's not a job to scoff at just because it usually pays crap. Working in retail enhances your communication skills, multitasking skills, patience, and ability to think on your feet. Plus, if you stick around long enough you have a great reference. A boss that boasts about how dependable and hardworking you are is valuable no matter where that boss is from.


11. The untold perks

You're 9 to 5, Monday through Friday job is probably pretty great but let me tell you something about working nights and weekends. My day time is pretty great. It's quiet, running errands is easy and stress-free, and I waste a lot less money by being occupied at times when people are out wasting time and money.


12. Supervise your children.

I know kids are complicated. They're human beings with minds of their own and they don't always do a super, great job listening. But you really have got to put some effort into keeping an eye on them. Don't let them knock crap off the shelves. Don't let them get lost. Don't risk some stranger walking off with them. We're not babysitters. Supervise your kids.


13. "In the back" is a figment of your imagination.

Okay, seriously, outside of shoe stores, the backroom is not a big space let alone filled with top secret storage of all the products we're just dying for people to think we are out of. The whole point of a storefront is to convince people to buy things, we're not hiding it all in the back. I promise.