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14 Chilling and Creepy Photos That Remain a Mystery

14 Chilling and Creepy Photos That Remain a Mystery


Not everything before your eyes can be explained and nothing is more terrifying than what you cannot understand. For decades upon decades photographs have left us nervous as chills run down our spines. You swear when you took the photo that figure wasn't there. Those eyes weren't there. That glimmer of horror was definitely not there. Yet here you are staring at your photo and the knot in the back of your throat petrifies you.

Which of these photos will leave you with nightmares? There's only one way to find out...

1. Alien of the Amazon

via:dailymail uk

On holiday in Brazil, some British tourists closely inspected a photograph that appears to include an other-worldly figure in the background. Have we been visited?

2. Gettysburg Ghost Soldier


The story is that this photo, taken at Gettysburg, was not taken with a person in the frame. Despite being rumored to be the ghost of a fallen soldier, some think a tourist just rushed through as the photo was being taken.

3. The Ghost Child

Only one of these children is SUPPOSED to be in the photo. The creepy, ghost-like figure off to the side of the normal looking child could be proof of malevolent spirits lingering nearby... or a hoax? Who knows.

4. Disco Man


A woman taking an innocent photo outside of a high school noticed a man who didn't belong. Difficult to make out, it appears as if a man from the 70's stepped away from the Disco long enough to haunt this sidewalk.