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14 Items That Need Better Names

14 Items That Need Better Names

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? Why do we call anything by its name when there are such better ways to say things, and better names out there that live up to the idea of the product better? Well, we have a whole list of random things that need better names and we have found replacement names for these random things. It's kind of like a makeover but it's both amusing and functional. In fact, I propose that we all begin to use these new and improved names, whether they make us laugh or not.


1. Sparkle Carrot

Less deadly sounding than icicle.

via:American Advantage

2. Yeah, dude.

Boatercycle sounds legit.


3. Raw toast

Because nobody eats bread without toasting it anymore.

via:Mama's Keeper

4. Milk?

More like cereal water, because for most of us, that's all it ever is.


5. Oven Glove takes too long to say

Problem solved: glovens.

via:help you spend less

6. Never, ever pass up an opportunity to rhyme.

Why call it a stupid life jacket when we could enter rhyme time and call it a float coat?

via:Ali express

7. This makes perfect sense

Why we haven't been doing this all along is a mystery.

via:Barefoot Bistro

8. Electric Hose

This would be easier to remember.


9. Ok, we're not sold on this one.

Flashlight seems a lot easier to say.


10. Mute Button, Mouth Cork

As long as it shuts them up.

via:Baby Care Journals

11. Straws...

More like suck sticks. HA!


12. Facial Tissue sounded dumb anyway

Sneeze paper is more appropriate

via:the guardian

13. Grass?

No, that's stupid. It's Earth Fur now.

via:Wild Textures

14. Light as a feather?

It's a leaf. A bird leaf.