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14 Love Stories from 2016 to Give You Hope

14 Love Stories from 2016 to Give You Hope


As we near the end of 2016 many people in the world are feeling like 2016 was not their year. Many also feel like in general, it was not the best year for the world, not just their own little bubble. I decided it's high time we spread some positive vibes and I found 14 real-life love stories to fill your heart with joy and give you an optimistic feeling that 2016 wasn't so bad and there is still so much good and light in this world! I think we all need these good vibes so enjoy these heartwarming love stories and let us know which one touched your soul the most!

1. This engaged Syrian refugee couple


Reunited refugees Nader and Omar in Norway after months apart, their joy just fills us with hope and happiness. The couple met in Turkey where their relationship was not any more legal than it was in Syria. We are so happy they found their home in Norway!


2. The surrogate pinky


All Matt Sanders wanted to do was make his wife, Libby, feel better after she told him she regularly forgets that since a freak accident that led to the amputation of her pinky finger that she does not need to paint it anymore. He offered to paint his pinky finger and be her surrogate pinky and their photos took Facebook by storm. So inspiring!

3. Taco Bell date night


Daniel and Cassie turned a meal at Taco Bell into a romantic date night experience. Taco Bell played along and even dimmed the lights for the couple. It's always nice to know that you don't need a lot of money to be silly and in love with your partner.

4. Gabriel and Anabella


One of the most love-filled bridal entrances to take the Internet by storm, when Gabriel and Anabella tied the knot the love this groom had for his beautiful bride inspired us all. Even the radio has interviewed them at this point!