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14 Love Stories from 2016 to Give You Hope

14 Love Stories from 2016 to Give You Hope

As we near the end of 2016 many people in the world are feeling like 2016 was not their year. Many also feel like in general, it was not the best year for the world, not just their own little bubble. I decided it's high time we spread some positive vibes and I found 14 real-life love stories to fill your heart with joy and give you an optimistic feeling that 2016 wasn't so bad and there is still so much good and light in this world! I think we all need these good vibes so enjoy these heartwarming love stories and let us know which one touched your soul the most!


1. This engaged Syrian refugee couple

Reunited refugees Nader and Omar in Norway after months apart, their joy just fills us with hope and happiness. The couple met in Turkey where their relationship was not any more legal than it was in Syria. We are so happy they found their home in Norway!


2. The surrogate pinky

All Matt Sanders wanted to do was make his wife, Libby, feel better after she told him she regularly forgets that since a freak accident that led to the amputation of her pinky finger that she does not need to paint it anymore. He offered to paint his pinky finger and be her surrogate pinky and their photos took Facebook by storm. So inspiring!


3. Taco Bell date night

Daniel and Cassie turned a meal at Taco Bell into a romantic date night experience. Taco Bell played along and even dimmed the lights for the couple. It's always nice to know that you don't need a lot of money to be silly and in love with your partner.


4. Gabriel and Anabella

One of the most love-filled bridal entrances to take the Internet by storm, when Gabriel and Anabella tied the knot the love this groom had for his beautiful bride inspired us all. Even the radio has interviewed them at this point!


5. Love ages well

Gerry and Darwin are in their 70's and their nude photo session really took the Internet by storm. Gerry has said of her romantic photo: "We wanted to show that wrinkles and aging, sagging body parts are NOT barriers to love unless you let them be. Like fine wine or good cheese, we are more fully ourselves and more full of Love in our 70s than we ever were in our 30s and 40s.”

via:Jade Beall Photography

6. Olympic sized love

Marjorie Enya was volunteering at the Olympics in Rio when she proposed to her girlfriend, Isadora Cerulla, a Brazilian Rugby player who unfortunately lost to Australia. Losing the game didn't damper anything when Marjorie made the visit a real win.


7. Magic love

Casey and Lewis Byrom did a Harry Potter themed wedding that was absolutely incredible. Their wedding was insanely detailed and the time and thought they put in was undeniable and obvious.


8. Laughter makes the heart grow fonder

This woman hilariously trolled her husband by texting him everything he was saying to her in his sleep. When the Internet found out, we all had a great laugh and learned a loving lesson that having fun together is a key ingredient in lasting love.


9. Reminder

This woman hilariously and lovingly reminded her husband to put his ring back on by inscribing it on the inside. I'm sure she got her point across!


10. A Powerful statement

Concerned LBGQT protesters at an Anti-Trump peaceful protest were captured on camera sharing a loving kiss, a powerful statement of their genuine and tender love despite the chaos and fear many of the people in their community are feeling.

via:Vandeur Photography

11. Defend your partner

This man took to Facebook and slammed body shamers after his beautiful engagement photos made waves. His love for his fiance inspired many to stand up for their loved ones.


11. 63 Years of LOVE

Wanda and Joe celebrated 63 years of marriage with a romantic photo session that will bring tears to your eyes. Truly inspiring in a time where divorce rates are so rampant. Love can last!


12. A collage of laughter

This man turned his wife's texts into a collage of humor and made us all laugh. If we can't appreciate moments like these, what are we doing? Love fully and laugh hard!


13. That didn't go as planned

Oops! Megan and Tiffany were in competition on The Bachelor: Australia when they ended up falling in love with each other instead! Love is full of surprises!


14. Comic Love

Andrew and Kate had trouble communicating at the beginning of their relationship because Andrew is Chinese and Kate is Korean so Andrew began doodling cartoons to communicate his feelings. Today he has an entire website that inspires people everywhere. Their love is beautiful and relates to many!

via:Andrew Hou