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14 of the World's Creepiest Places Ever

14 of the World's Creepiest Places Ever


If you're a fanatic of all things horror and terrifying this list may end up being a bucket list of places to visit to get your thrills and chills. Otherwise, this is a list of places to avoid at all costs or you might just pee yourself from the fear. The world has no shortages of creepy places, rumored to be haunted or occupied by the worst of the worst but we went ahead and narrowed down the top 14 you definitely need to know about. These photos alone are creepy but the stories that go with these unique places are enough alone to give you nightmares tonight!

1. Island of the Dolls


Located in Mexico, rumor has it that this creepy island came to be when a caretaker discovered a drowned girl and her doll floating in the water. To respect her, he hung the doll in the trees and for the next 50 years he continued to hang dolls in her honor before he himself actually drowned in the very same waters he found her. Today, people continue to hang dolls as a part of a super creepy tradition.


2. The West Virginia State Penitentiary


The building was retired in 1995 but it turns out you can still take night time tours there. Thanks to over 100 executions taking place in this creepy building, it's rumored to be haunted by the worst of the worst.

3. Leap's Castle

via:Deviant Art

Said to be one of the world's most haunted castles, this creepy place in Ireland is known for it's long list of gruesome deaths and the "bloody chapel," where a priest murdered his very own brother during mass.

4. Chapel of Bones


This chapel in Prague contains the bones of 5,000 monks and 2 bodies hanging from the walls. The creepiest part? One of the hanging bodies is of a child!