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14 People Explain Why They Cheated On Their Significant Other

14 People Explain Why They Cheated On Their Significant Other

by Ayoub Mask

Cheating is always wrong, and any justification is not acceptable at all, but of course people usually have motives and those motives are often due to a lack of communication between partners, always remember this folks, communication is key, and just don't cheat, breaking up with the person is a much easier and less hurtful way to do it.

1. "The Lack Of Sex Is What Made Me Do It"


Well I haven’t done it yet. I think I probably would given the opportunity though. Basically we’ve stopped having sex. We’ve talked about it a lot and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution in sight. It’s pretty rough cause nothing else is really wrong. I think if I asked for an open relationship that would just end it (she’s rather conservative in this regard). I think staying with her is better for our child and honestly there’s nothing wrong other than the sex so it’s not like we’re fighting in front of the kid all the time or anything. I’m hoping to think of a better solution but reaching the end of my patience


2." I'm just a sociopath "

Because I’m probably a sociopath. It’s tough for me to stay interested after a few months. I have never started a relationship with someone because I was genuinely interested in them. There was always a need I wanted fulfilled at the time and they fit the bill. It was either I wanted sex regularly, or not to go on vacation by myself or spend Christmas alone, but never because the girl and I had something in common or she was interesting. After a while the person would assume that that we were a couple and because I liked the sex or companionship I’d just let it ride out.

3. "I thought I could get away with it"

Because I thought I was bored. Because I thought there might be something better. Because I thought I could get away with it.

Wrong, wrong, and seriously fucking wrong.

4. "She didn't care about my sexual needs"

I cheated cause I was really horny, I really loved my girlfriend at the time, but she had sexual issues and I had sexual needs.

Selfish? Yeah, probably. The funny part is she found out and didn’t really care, she actually didn’t mind because she couldn’t fulfill my needs in that area but we fulfilled every other of each other’s needs. So she said go ahead, but be safe and don’t let her know about it.

I only felt guilty after we had that talk. So I never did it again.