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14 Photoshopped Pictures That Are So Bad They Confused My Emotions

14 Photoshopped Pictures That Are So Bad They Confused My Emotions

by Ayoub Mask

When the creator of Photoshop decided to make this amazing software he never imagined that people would be using it to create the cringiest pictures ever, so in a way he contributed to the destruction of the internet. Photoshop should be used to improve picture not transform them into a cringe fest and proudly share them all over the internet, but in a way I'm glad these people exist because the pictures below are so hilarious in the weirdest way possible.


1. How do they even come up with ideas like these


2. They had to include lightning and the moon -_-


3. No big deal, just hanging out with my people

via:Ned Hardy

4. He duplicated himself four times in that picture

via:The Bubble

5. An angel sent from above


6. "I want you to add some flowers to my know what, just replace my hair with a bouquet of flowers"


7. Haters will say this is photoshopped


8. At least he knows where he bellongs


9. Which one is the original picture ?


10. The lord of the Forrests


11. At least photoshop yourself in a real body


12. You can try to be a baller, or you can just photoshop it


13. I've got the whole world in my hand

via: Diply

14. Your world is so cool dude

via:Imgur A man named Lorenz Valentino isn't afraid to admit that he photoshops his pictures. He even got the filters and lighting right just to make it look as awesome as he could