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14 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said

14 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said

by Elana

If you've ever met a parent who was scared of their own child and you wondered how or why this list is definitely going to explain a lot. In general, children can be pretty creepy. They also have this tendency to project their fears onto you and as their parent, it's pretty easy to be empathetic with them, and therefore with their fears. Sometimes, though, it's not fear of the dark you have to worry about. It's trying to understand why your kid just said something creepy enough to give you nightmares....


1. Do children see ghosts? Probably.

I was with my sister, her husband, and their two year old daughter. We were talking about loved ones that had recently passed (my father had died sometime recently). My brother in law went and grabbed a picture of his mother, who had died in a car crash when he was six, to show me. When my niece saw the picture though she started laughing. We asked her what was so funny and she looked at us and said "that's my special friend who sings to me".I still shiver a bit just thinking about it.

- KaiserXI


2. This raises so many questions...

Walking past an old cemetery, my (then) 3-year-old son casually said, "My brother is in there." When I reminded him that he didn't have a brother, he said, "No, Mama... from before. When the other lady was my mommy."

- Belinda Jamison


3. Guardian Angels?

My sister got hit by a drunk driver in April and it totalled her car. She had my 4 year old nephew and my infant niece with her. When my mom arrived at the hospital my nephew asked her if he would thank the big guys. What big guys Kaiden? Grammy, the big guys that were in the car with me when it got loud and scary and they hugged me with their arms and kept me safe. Even the insurance adjuster cannot explain how either child escaped with not a scratch.

- Amanda Hawkins

4. Time to leave, this house is not good anymore.

"Go back to sleep, there isn't anything under your bed".
"He is behind you now".
Still haven't gotten over that one and shiver at the memory.

-Toasted Cheesee