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14 Ways Millennials Were Blamed for EVERYTHING in 2016

14 Ways Millennials Were Blamed for EVERYTHING in 2016

Man, millennials just cannot catch a break, can they? Someone always has something to say about them or to them and virtually none of it is good stuff. Meanwhile, they're' just trying to pick up the pieces left behind for them and simply live. If you don't believe millennials have been getting the crap end of the stick, here's a list of everything they've done wrong in 2016. I'm positive you'll find yourself either laughing hysterically, sobbing in solidarity or maybe changing your perspective on the whole "blame the millennials" trend we seem to have to go.

1. Apparently they are littlerally killing everything

Especially industries like golf... and napkins.


2. Avoca-don't.

Stupid millennials and their obsession with avocado.


3. C'mon kids, get over it.

Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, apparently.


4. They're terrible at saving money

Of course it's money that was never really available to them, but let's blame them anyway.


5. So entitled

They can't even appreciate these ancient artifacts. They don't even know what they are. Scoff!


6. Did you know?

Giving up that precious avocado can apparently help you buy a house.


7. Talking? Uh, what is that?

Face to face interactions are something millennials are apparently not capable of. Try to DM their Twitter instead.


8. Jobs? Ha.

Yeah they definitely don't plan on lining up to use their degree at McDonalds. What a bunch of turds.


9. Depressing

Maybe just go and get a better job, duh. (That's the terrible advice non-millennials usually offer, right?)


10. Good.

They can't even do sex right.


11. Coffee:

This is apparently a totally new concept and no one in history has ever loved coffee as much as millennials.


12. Whoops, found something they're good at:

Taking the blame for literally everything.

13. Get it together, millennials.

You lost the election.

via:Washington Post

14. How dare you

How dare you have empathy and be offended, ever. Stop it. It's really bothering everyone.