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15 Dumbest Human Beings On Social Media

15 Dumbest Human Beings On Social Media

by Ayoub Mask

People don't usually surroundĀ themselves with idiots because idiocy is contagious and by being around these people a lot you'd become one of them and start reasoning like them. Unfortunately, there's a place where you're forced to hang out with these idiots, and don't even think about avoiding them because you'll always end up stumbling upon them where ever you go, and that place is called "Social Media Platforms". You can try to block them but they're literally everywhere and they multiply every day just to make your life miserable.

1. You're the chosen one bud


2. It's Baradock, you're welcome


4. You need to be "cuted" off existence


5. She went there


6. Tiny Penguins of the streets

via:Dumb a Day

7. He needs to become an Architect, his has a special gift

via:Funny Junk

8. They just colored it


9. No, it's not confusing, you're just extremely dumb

via:Pleated Jeans

10. It's called D ?

via:Acid Gow

11. There's a thing called Google, use it

via:Thumb Press

12. Yes, exactly


13. Bulls from Chicago killed him


14. Girls with no brains <3

via:News Hound

15. Nature also predicted their presidency

via:Pleated Jeans

Via : Diply

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