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15 People Share Their Craziest Hookup Site Stories

15 People Share Their Craziest Hookup Site Stories

by Ayoub Mask

People usually get their expectations way too high when they start using hook up sites,  which is really not the ideal thing to do considering the general reputation these websites tend to have. It's a really huge gamble that people are willing to take, completely ignoring all the red flags that they stumble upon along the way. At the end, life is all about taking risks, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take all the necessary precautions that will help you avoid a world of trouble, like perhaps getting murdered in cold blood and instead you'll just end up with some crazy stories you'll never be able to forget.

Found on AskReddit. via ThoughtCatalog

1. We use Craigslist to plan threesomes 

“Am a bi male (that’s simplified but will do) in a hetero relationship with a straight girl for the last 3 years. Mostly on vacations, but sometimes locally we will use Craigslist to find a guy for a three-way.

I’d honestly say we are average looking, but usually get dozens to hundreds of responses, (80% or more are immediately discarded). We’ve had 2 what I would call successful one-night events, a couple of kinda awkward encounters, and one ongoing FWB that got a little weird at the end.

Cheaters do abound, and we won’t help someone cheat, that we know of. It’s actually kind of interesting how many people are upfront about it.

Occasionally we have posted an ad and just go “well, haven’t gotten anything in a hundred responses that sounds good” so we just go on our way and take it down.

We do get some of the kinda creepy “well, I’m not bi or gay, but I guess I can do guy on guy stuff so I can play with the girl.” That to me is pretty sad and desperate and not what we want.

So, long story short, usually works out, some hiccups, some meets that have started in public and end up with no connection, some last minute cancellations, but never had a 

2. We went to the zoo

“So…Tinder? Yes, it turned into one of the best night/days of my life. I was new to the country and didn’t really know my way around anywhere. I was bored at the hotel and I had just got my new phone SIM. Decided to try out Tinder as it was in the top 5? apps at the time. Met up with a girl and a group of her friends a few hours later and they took me around the clubs in town. Night ended in sex and in the morning everyone made pancakes and they took me to the zoo. I thought it was time to leave after the zoo but they invited me to play beach ball midday.

TL;DR New to town, used tinder, had sex, received pancakes, went to the zoo, played beach ball, still friends.”