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15 Pets That HATE Christmas More Than the Grinch Himself


15 Pets That HATE Christmas More Than the Grinch Himself

The most magical time of the year is apparently not that magical for everyone. In fact it looks as if household pets everywhere are channeling their inner-Grinch and inner-Scrooge and putting their worst foot forward this holiday season. Destruction, pain, and anger... these pets have nothing but bad vibes to send this Christmas. They don't like your bows, your ornaments, your cookies, or your stupid well-lit tree. It's possible the Grinch could even take a page out of the books written by these furry little grumps!

Hey, at least we're getting a good laugh out of it all, right?

1. The face of a murderer

This cat is going to slaughter you in your sleep.


2. Eviction Notice

This cat evicted baby Jesus from the manger and made himself at home.


3. Christmas is canceled.

"That's what you get for having blue lights instead of red," says the cat.


4. It's not just cats

A dog that CAN get in the tree, WILL get in the tree. There's some physics law about it, I'm certain.


5. Christmas Memories

This year's Christmas card will have an unusual twist.


6. Ungrateful

This dog was not amused that his Christmas present was a sweater instead of toys and treats.


7. Christmas with Cat People

Basically, the only way to not have a Christmas tree destroyed when you own a cat is to have a tree like this.


8. It's only a matter of time, human.

The face says it all.


9. How cats celebrate Christmas

This cat ripped open all of the family's presents just in time for Christmas morning. Magic that!


10. Scrooge the Ferret

"No thank you, I dislike Christmas."


11. You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

This doggo is plotting to steal Christmas for sure.


12. Serious busines.

"This will NOT be a meowy Christmas."


13. Unimpressed

Kitty hates her Christmas bows.


14. Derp

No cute Christmas photos for this lady and her dog, that's for sure.


15. Poor Santa

"These jerks are definitely getting coal."