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15 Pictures You Will Need to Look Twice At

15 Pictures You Will Need to Look Twice At


Is it an optical illusion? No, not really! But that doesn't mean you'll see whatever it is that makes the picture odd in the first place the first time you look. You'll be double taking every single photo on this list and when you see it you will definitely have one of those, "oh my gosh," moments. Let's face it, those are pretty great moments. You'll find yourself giggling and laughing each time you spot the oddball out and figure out which of these things is not like the others!

1. One of these fellas is not like the others.


Which is saying a lot. Three out of four are very distracting.

2. This one was hard for me.


Smoking is bad, mkay?

3. Subtle, buddy.


I've never wanted a backstory more in my life.

4. The purrfect place to nap.

via:Bored Panda

Well, I'm not so sure that it is in fact an ideal place to nap but as long as it's only a "cat nap," it may not be so bad.