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15 Ways to Do Disney Like a Professional

15 Ways to Do Disney Like a Professional

Did you know that even people who work for and at Disney and their theme parks enjoy visiting Disney? In fact, they're basically seasoned professionals at all things vacation-Disney. Not to mention those blessed with an ability to go all the time are going to know all the BEST ways to enjoy Disney, but wouldn't you want to know some of their tips to make your destination vacation a REAL dream come true? We've got 'em! All 15 of these tips come from seasoned Disney insiders who know the ins and outs of all things Disney vacation and these tips are guaranteed to take your vacation to the next level of enjoyment.

Your perfect Disney vacation is only 15 tips away!


1. Arrive EARLY

This might come off a little bit like a no brainer but if you're not a morning person and you want to sleep in on your vacation, you need to know you're making a huge mistake! In fact, according to the experts and Disney Insiders, they'll tell you that an early arrival means cooler temperatures (it gets HOT in locations like Florida and California, you know that!) and shorter wait times in shorter lines! You know that sounds better than a couple extra hours of sleep already, right? Get on the best rides in the fastest times in the perfect weather! Dream vacation off to a good start.

Seriously, does a line like this look better than 2 more hours of sleep? I doubt it.


2. Know what attractions and rides to SKIP.

Don't misunderstand, the attractions and rides at Disney theme parks are all totally amazing but let's put this into perspective. If you're newlyweds on a honeymoon you may not be interested in attractions and rides designed to delight and entertain toddlers, right? Or if you're a family of 5 with 3 kids under 10 you probably won't be on every single wild roller coaster in the park, right? Disney Insiders are all about accommodating their schedule to make their visit perfect for their party. There are ideal locations where one parent can entertain children in an appropriate play area while the other takes an older child (or flies solo) on an epic ride unfit for the little ones. The best way to make the best of your time is to look ahead and PLAN. Disney insiders are all about giving this tip: research ahead of time to make sure that you skip the right attractions because your family is unique!


Just like arriving early has it's perks and benefits so does staying late! I'm sure for some families it may be a bit on the difficult side to both come early and stay late but if your family can do it, trust them: DO IT! Just like coming early can mean cooler temperatures and shorter wait in lines, so can staying late. With the added benefit of some incredible evening shows! Make the most of your visit, these parks are usually open SUPER LATE, enjoy every second possible forĀ  maximum vacation perfection!

Disney after dark is MAGICAL.


4. Meal Plan

When it comes to being an expert at Disney vacations, insiders really know how to make the most of their time and that definitely does not exclude meal time. Don't wander around looking for food, plan ahead of time where and when to eat. Put it on schedule, make reservations, make the most of your time and money and have delicious meals (sometimes including entertainment!) A true Disney Insider won't poke around at carts or wander into a restaurant, they'll know exactly when and where to get their food. Also noteworthy: most restaurants will take dinner reservations as late as 10pm, a later meal is not a bad idea!

Get your grub on Disney style the right way.


5. Make the most use of Fast Passes!

Honestly don't bother doing Disney without fast passes. They are the key to breezing through attraction lines, even meeting your favorite Disney characters. Disney expert insiders snatch up their fast passes the moment they're able and it's not hard to see why! Maximize your time and energy at your dream vacation and get the right fast passes for you and your family.

Likewise, when Disney Insiders used their fast passes to their advantage and have time to spare, they'll book more from inside the park to add to their list of fun stuff to do. All of which they have time for because they maximizded their fast passes in the first place. Genius!

6. Waiting lines are for playtime.

Yep, play in line! Most long wait lines have ways to keep patrons entertained and these games are totally worth your time. Play the games in interactive ride queues to ensure every minute of your Disney experience is filled with fun and magic. No exceptions allowed! Disney insiders are all about these opportunities for magic and memories.

Waiting in line never looked so good!


7. Have a "Park Plan."

Plan everything ahead of time, seriously. Have you ever seen a group arguing over what to do next? Disney Insiders call that wasted time and energy. Have a plan ahead of time, make a schedule. It may sound like less fun to have this stuff planned out ahead of time but trust the experts, this is the best and most streamlined way to make sure you get to do and see all that you want. No arguments invited, all fun enjoyed!

8. Include everyone's dream experience and see everyone's attractions

It's probably impossible to see literally everything in the Magic Kingdom in a single day so prioritize with all in mind. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect Disney experience so make sure everyone gets their chance to see their dreams come true. Your daughter needs to see Cinderella's castle? Do it. Dad needs Splash Mountain? DO IT. You want to see a parade? Um, did I say do it yet? Do it! Make sure everyone's dreams come true before you worry about seeing literally everything and the general must haves. Your family's personal must haves come first.

Everyone's dreams!


9. Make the mad dash to high traffic rides as soon as that rope drops.

We've mentioned arriving early, right? Get there when the rope drops is early. Make a mad dash to the most popular rides and get those experiences in as early as possible. Minimal wait times to enjoy the best of the best is the ideal way to do it and Disney Insiders will definitely tell you that! In fact, getting to these popular rides early is most likely to eliminate the need for some of those fast passes. Don't waste money that you don't need to waste when the best way to enjoy the best rides just means getting there early.

Does waiting an hour or longer to get on Space Mountain sound fun? No? OK, get there at rope drop and board in 5 minutes. Trust the Disney vacation experts!

10. Watch the parade from Frontierland.

Mainstream USA is not the only way to enjoy the epic parade. In fact, it's not even the best way according to Disney Insiders and Disney vacation experts. They're crowded and people are crammed in and uncomfortable. Head over to Frontierland where the viewing areas are more comfortable, more spacious, and allow for just the right arrival time to enjoy the parade without all the unnecessary stress and fuss. This is a unanimous agreement from Disney Insiders, if you want to see the parade, do it right from Frontierland!

Frontierland knows what is up.


11. Take a break on a lengthy ride

Let's face it, these parks can get hot mid-day and all that walking around and maximized vacation experience can lead to some tired family members. If you're goal is to make it there late in the night to continue to enjoy every aspect of the park in all it's glory then Disney insiders are going to tell you to take a break but don't do it at the sacrifice of enjoying the park! Want to stay cool in the afternoon? The lines INSIDE the Pirates of the Caribbean ride queue are cool and fun. Or enjoy a break outside and enjoy the Liberty Belle Riverboat. If breeze and shade is what you need, the Magic Kingdom Railroad wont even make you exit until you're ready! Plus the Magic Kingdom Railroad has exits at all the right locations so when you're done seeing the park in all it's glory and you're feeling well rested and relaxed, hop off at you next attraction for the optimal experience.

All aboard for rest and relaxation!


12. Consider this: Skip the parade

If everyone agrees, it's no insider secret that skipping the parade to enjoy more attractions works. You only have so much time to enjoy so much and sometimes the parade is not a top priority. As well, there's a rumor that wait times in lines kind of taper off and ease up during parade times so this can actually be another great opportunity to not waste money on fast passes and get into your favorite attractions much faster at times when the lines are usually ridiculous! Another tip along these lines is that if you DO decide you're going to skip the parade, check out routes to your rides and maps and times of the parades way ahead of time. You wouldn't be a happy tourist if you get stuck trying to get to your next attraction by a route blocked by the parade! Plan everything, folks.

13. Enjoy the Celebrate the Magic Projection from the Main Street Train Platform

Most Disney insiders will assure you that a must-see nighttime attraction is the phenomenal Celebrate the Magic Projection. If you're in the park after dark the experts say you gotta see this one! According to the Disney insiders the Main Street Train Platform is THE spot to go to view this nighttime display of awe and beauty. Don't forget though that there are not many benches or places to view so get there a little early and plan the possibility you'll be standing but the experts assure you that it's worth seeing it at least once in a lifetime!

Nighttime at Disney is a sight to behold.


14. Search for Hidden Details

Once you become a Disney insider yourself and you visit more than once, you start to really notice the little things. Disney theme parks are littered with small details and hidden in plain sight odes to all things Disney. Observe your surroundings and take it all in. You'll love noticing all the ways Disney goes above and beyond to make your experiences perfect.

Disney is all about YOU.


15. Reflect on your Magic Kingdom Memories with your loved ones

Disney is like a timeless tradition. The movies you watched when you were a child you'll now watch with your little ones. The joys you've experienced over your lifetime you'll share with your kids. Most Disney Insiders find the joys in the little things like the wait lines and games you can play and the sights and sounds everywhere. The Disney lovers who offer these tips aren't just experts in Disney theme parks, they're basically experts in family time, family love, and family bonding in the most magic place in the world. Have the time of your life and never stop talking about it!