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16 Works of Art By Children That Proves Your Mind Is In The Gutter


16 Works of Art By Children That Proves Your Mind Is In The Gutter

by Ezra Zydan

Even though kids sometimes say the most off the wall things, that doesn't mean that their shenanigans stop there. When they draw things... well, let's just say that things take a turn for the worst (if your mind is in the gutter, of course). A child's imagination is completely different from an adult's, and this list totally proves it!

Mum's at work...

But it's her mum selling a snow shovel at Home Depot.


This is a self portrait done by an 8-year-old...

He was wearing a Minions shirt. Probably explains all of the confusion.


How to prevent germs...

Brought to you by an 8-year-old.


This is a giraffe.

You can totally tell by the long neck!


That's a whistle.

A whistle for her dad on Father's Day.


"Whisper please"


I'm pretty sure he meant cook...

At least, I hope he did.


This is a volcano.


These are turntables.

Probably a good thing he didn't want a mic to go with those turntables, too.

via:Amy Aucoin

Drawing of a firefighter with a "Thank You" note:


What a lovely pair of scissors.


This fox has to get away from this alien!

via:Gemma Glover

This beautiful lighthouse program drawn by a kindergarten graduation service.


Look, it's mummy and daddy on their wedding day!

via:Nicole Loria

This kid drew about her first day of kindergarten.

It's her teacher.


Happy Mother's Day!

Apparently, that's a rocketship.

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