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20 of the Creepiest Things Girls Have Said to Guys

20 of the Creepiest Things Girls Have Said to Guys


You're probably familiar with the concept of a potential boyfriend or girlfriend showing "red flags." Well this is basically an entire list of super creepy red flags. Newsflash, if your potential girlfriend says she may have kind of, sort of killed someone, she may not be the right tone for you.

Thanks to this fun reddit thread, these 16 guys had the opportunity to reveal their creepiest moments and they all definitely dodged bullets when these girls said these creepy things to them!



1. Medically induced inebriation brings out such interesting parts of us!

Was talking to a girl on the phone who at the time was fucked up on painkillers and started relating to me a story about how when she was 7 she pushed a girl into a pool and watched her drown. Her grandma came home, found out about it, and told her to tell the police it was an accident.

That should have been a warning sign right there.


2. Uh, how many people can we threaten at once?

Copied from an email I received from a stalker seven years ago: “When you and her have your baby, rest assured, I’ll be the one that raises it.”

3. Where do 11 year-old kids even learn about blowjobs? Say no to jailbait, guys.

When I was about 17-years-old, I worked at a cafeteria and some girls (11 and 13) where chasing me for weeks. They even waited in front of my door when I had to go to work to chase me all the way up there.

One day I was working and the cafeteria was full with people when the 11-year-old girl asked, “When can I give you a blowjob?” Everyone instantly looked at me.Uncomfortable isnt even the right word to describe my feelings at that moment.

4. How to lose a guy in 2 seconds

“I kept some of your hair.” At 20 year high school reunion.