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7 Craziest Thing That The Joker Has Ever Done!

7 Craziest Thing That The Joker Has Ever Done!

by James Duya

The Joker has been the most craziest villain that Batman has ever faced even the Justice League finds it very difficult to fight the Joker.  The Joker has done some insane things during the years even went above and beyond because just like the Joker says “Laugh and the world laughs with you!”  This will list will show you the most craziest thing that the Joker has ever done and it will blow you away! Don't believe me? Check it out! 

1. Stole Mister Mxyzptlk’s Power!

He stole one of DC's most powerful being while in the process ate China!


2. Skinned His Face


Probably one of the most crazy Joker moments! He allowed the Dollmaker to surgically remove his face, before escaping Arkham and disappearing for an entire year.

3. Killing Lois Lane!


What started the entire Injustice Sage? The Joker! He killed Superman's one and only lover and started a war.

4. Killed Jason Todd

Batman's second Robin killed by the Joker! One of the saddest moments even the batman comics and was done by the Joker!

5. He splits his own tongue

Madness? Well the Joker did everything even splits his own tongue.

6. Not Insane but Super Insane!

Being more than insanity!

7. Stole a kid's report card!

None were quite so petty as when he stole little Johhny Blake’s