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Are Aliens the Explanation for the Second Appearance of a Floating City in Two Years?

Are Aliens the Explanation for the Second Appearance of a Floating City in Two Years?


For as far back as most of us can recall, we have all stumbled across at least one person who believes in UFO's. In fact, you could very well be that person. However, most UFO sightings end up being chalked up to overactive imaginations and simple explanations.

Considering our imaginations tend to run wild, it would be easy to forgive the crowd of witnesses who claim they saw a mirage, one they claimed resembled an eerie, floating, alien city... It happened over the Yueyang in China and we don't really want to hold it against them for thinking there was no scientific explanation for the creepy, floating city but... we think they might be wrong on this one.


What they saw...


versus what they think they saw...

Yueyang is a Chinese city home to over a million residents! It didn't take many of them to notice the huge skyscraper like buildings looming eerily out of the clouds in the sky and man did they act fast, grabbing their cameras to capture the looming city descending.

In the chaos of the moment plenty of citizens jumped immediately to the conclusion that the mysterious and creepy images they were capturing were in fact "airborne alien spaceships entering Earth’s atmosphere."

Of course what is fueling the fire was that this was not the first time a mysterious "floating, alien city" has been noticed by Chinese citizens and the other occurrence was also well documented! Keep reading to check out that creepy video.