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11 Intense Stories From Attempted Murder Survivors

11 Intense Stories From Attempted Murder Survivors


Most things in life are nothing similar to how they are depicted by Hollywood. I mean, we know for sure romance sure isn't. Although when it comes to the dark and macabre tales of life some stories are a lot more realistic and terrifying than we'd like to admit. Real-life monsters exist and they hurt innocent people every day.

If that isn't chilling just to think about, I don't know what is. However, much like in our favorite horror flicks: not everyone dies.

I mean, it's probably not as epic in real life, right? Well, let's take a gander. Here are 11 stories straight from the survivors of attempted murder... these victims and their tales will chill and inspire you. 

Oh, and you might want to keep those lights on for now. 

1. Still trying.

Three guys are being charged with aggravated robbery after mugging me. 

I was walking home from work after a late shift (Worked at a bar, leaving at 2:30 AM) when I decided I thought it’d be a good idea to ask a group that was getting in their car if they were driving toward my side of the city. Lived in a big college town at the time, and have asked that question many times before – About 20% of the time I could find a ride because I knew a lot of the regulars on the square.
These guys started playing along, saying they didn’t know where I was talking about, so I started to describe it to them, and next thing I know, the guy in front of me pulls a gun out of his waistband, cocks it, and fires it into the air, before putting it against my forehead.
I’m not sure how long the rest of the events took. He started demanding my wallet and I froze. Witty me would have said “If I had any money, I’d have called a cab” but gun in face me couldn’t speak. That felt like 15 minutes at least, but it was probably less than 60 seconds. I was punched in the face, hit on the side of the head by the butt of a pistol, and he went for my pockets. The jeans I was wearing at the time were slim fit – Even I had problems getting my wallet out.
For the second time that night, I heard a gunshot. I felt my pants brush up against my leg as if it had been caught in the wind. The three guys jumped in their car and took off. I felt the blood on my leg, pulled out my phone to call 911, and tried to walk across the street to the nearest bar, hoping someone was still inside.
That didn’t last long. I feel like I walked ten feet, it was probably just a couple of paces. Some people run up to me, they tell me to lie down and ask for my phone. My glasses had been knocked away and shattered when I got pistol whipped, so I couldn’t really see much of anything. The police arrive, tourniquet my leg, and next thing I remember is being in the ambulance (30-minute drive to the nearest trauma center sucked) insisting that I need to call my parents. I called my mom at 3 in the morning and did my best to explain what happened. They asked if they needed to come to the hospital right then, and I left it up to them. They arrived about half an hour after me and stayed the rest of the night.
The court process is still going. The DA has offered them pretty fair deals, and I would rather they take them rather than going to court with it and having to drag me down there for testimony. It took me 4 months to start walking again. 6 months before I finally stopped using crutches. A year later, my walking was mostly back to normal. Lots of nerve damage and lots of pain still leave me with a stiff leg though. And now, 18 months later, I’m still trying to find a job.

- HighOnTacos


2. Stranger Danger Lingers

When I was a kid a woman came to my house and asked if my parents were home. My Old man always told me to say that my parents were home even if they weren’t. So I tell her this and she stared at me for awhile before leaving. I was just a kid so I didn’t really think much of it beyond adults being weird. She went across the street and murdered the two kids over there. The door to my house wasn’t locked or anything and nobody was home except me and my little brother and there is no way I had a convincing Poker face. This lady was just crazy and must have thought I’d be able to fight her off or something. Dunno if she ever got caught or what happened after that because we moved very shortly after.

- Zyye