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14 Times Celebrities On Instagram Made Us Wonder WTF?

14 Times Celebrities On Instagram Made Us Wonder WTF?

We have always known that celebrities were not like every day, average folks. They live the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous, therefore it's not surprising when we totally cannot relate to them. 

Of course, sometimes celebrities overshare on social media, which is totally something every day, average folks do, too. The question is: uh, why? Why did you post this photo on Instagram? Are they trying to relate to us or are they trying to raise the bar on weirdness? We may never know but for now, at least we have something to talk about, right?


1. Chrisy Teigan

Weird never looked so cool.

via:Instagram - Chrissy Teigan

2. Previously unknown secret:

Madonna loves Snapchat filters, way too much.

via:Instagram - Madonna

3. Rihanna

Is she trying out for the latest installment of The Exorcist?

via:Instagram - Rihanna

4. Kim Kardashian West

For some reason she decided we all needed to see her face all bloodied up while she poses vogue style.


5. Justin Bieber wants to share his, uh, good news?

Okay, gross, Justin. We don't need to know you have an infection in your eye. But also, we can't really tell so what was the point of this photo?

via:Instagram - Justin Bieber

6. Zooey Deschanel

So. Much. Blue.

via:Instagram - Zooey Deschanel

7. Lady Gaga raises the bar.

It's not surprising that Lady Gaga goes for shock value but um, what?

via:Instagram - Lady Gaga

8. Katy Perry

For some reason none of us will understand, Katy Perry channeled her inner Guy Fieri for a day. Um, okay.

via:Instagram - Katy Perry

9. Gucci Mane

It's the photo effect he chose that has us slayed right now. It's not so Gucci, unless it was from 2008. Which it's not.

via:Instagram - Gucci Mane

10. Ke$sha

All we know is she needs a new phone with a better camera.

via:Instagram - Ke$ha

11. Ryan Seacrest

He needs a lot more help working on his Monster Factor with Lady Gaga.

via:Instagram - Ryan Seacrest

12. DJ Dillon Francis

...and his pet pinata. Now this Instagram is worth following.

via:Instagram - DJ Dillon Francis

13. Amy Schumer is sick and she wants us all to know.

You know, in case you hadn't guessed if there was something wrong with her or not yet.

via:Instagram - Amy Schumer

14. Kylie Jenner

Um, what is going on here?

via:Instagram - Kylie Jenner

Celebrities are weird asf. But guess what? You no longer have to wonder 'WTF" anymore, when there's an Instagram account like this in existence. Thanks Disneyland, and these hot baby daddies.