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Ever Wondered How Spider Silk Is Harvested? Wonder No More


Ever Wondered How Spider Silk Is Harvested? Wonder No More

by Ezra Zydan

Now, before you get upset about humans using spiders to obtain their home and food making materials, spiders can produce several, several miles of silk before they run out. Several different things can be crafted from the silk of spiders, including artificial human skin, bulletproof vests, and more! The more alarming thing is how they go about getting the spiders to 'donate' their silk for these causes: The golden orb weaver is the go-to spider for these 'donations', as it crafts the most usable of all spider silk: Then they sedate the golden orb weavers with carbon dioxide whilst performing the not-so-fantastic art of extracting the silk from the spider. You can take a look at the extraction process for the spider silk in the video below:

Know that scientists are attempting to create artificial spider silk, and thanks to, we may have the first artificial strands of spider silk created by startup Bolt Threads.

Spiders are one of my greatest fears. I'm also terribly afraid of heights. Back in the 1800s and 1900s though, man had to conquer their fear in order to simply put food on the table for their family. These 12 vintage images show people of the past putting their fear aside and doing some of the craziest things!