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Global Warming Is Creating Something Very Strange in Siberia

Global Warming Is Creating Something Very Strange in Siberia

by Ezra Zydan

A lot of people are still skeptical about climate change (politically termed 'global warming'), but seeing is definitely believing in this case; the latest victim of the rapidly shifting changes to the land due to the climate changes over the past few decades? Siberia. 

In case you're unaware of where it is, Siberia is located in Russia; it's generally one of the places that are actually covered in snow for a good three-fourths of the year. Even during Spring, the grounds didn't thaw, but recently due to the higher than usual temperatures, Siberia's landscape seems to be shifting into in-ground trampolines. The video below shows a very good demonstration of what's become of the usually permafrosted land of Siberia. 

Once the frost thaws, it creates methane bubbles that rest just below the surface of the soil to give it that...bouncy effect. If these bubbles burst, they would release methane and carbon dioxide into the air. The two are considered greenhouse gasses and would help to accelerate the ever growing climate change.