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Jimmy Kimmel's Annual Post Halloween Prank Lives Up to the Hype

Jimmy Kimmel's Annual Post Halloween Prank Lives Up to the Hype

Six years ago Jimmy Kimmel initiated what would become a hilarious annual tradition on his late night talkshow, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Parents video tape their children's reactions after they tell them they ate ALL of their Halloween candy. As far as the typical child is concerned, Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year and collecting their candy stash is hard work. Each year since his prank made its debut people laugh at the combination of anger, desperation, and sadness most kids express upon thinking their hard work was gone and they had not one chocolate to show for it. 

This year certainly did not fail to live up to the reputation of hilarity the prank has developed over the years.


Reactions were as expected a combination of hilarious and touching.

One child collapsed to the ground in tears and others stood in silent disbelief. 

More notable reactions included a little girl who scolded her parents and said, "next time we go trick or treating, you don't do that, ok? Or I'll have to spank your butt and put you in your room."

Some children screamed, others sobbed, and one even cussed, dropping a giant F-bomb. Shockingly, there was even a boy who got up out of his seat and actually punched his father in anger.

On a lighter note, a little girl made us all snicker when she tried to explain to her parents that they didn't understand how hard she and her sibling had worked to collect all of their precious candy. 

Grounding us all back to reality, some children were much more sweet and forgiving with their mean parents. One little girl sweetly said, "It's ok," when her mom broke the news to her. When her mom then asked if she still loved her, the toddler responded with, "Of course I do."

Of course not all was lost, one child would not be made a fool of. "It's Jimmy Kimmel," the kid chirped. "You're hiding my candy. I've seen this before. I watched the YouTube." 

Continue on to read what made this year different than the others!


Of course what has set 2016 apart from previous years was Jimmy himself, who opted to pull the prank on his own toddler. This was Jane's first time trick or treating but she was in no mood for her dad's shenanigans. Kimmelwent on to explain, "she is in the phase of life where she responds "No" to everything and was already in a "snippy" mood after she woke up."

Instead of playing along for our amusement Jane found herself less than concerned about her missing candy and more preoccupied with the dirt in her candy bag.

"Jane, you're missing the point. It's not about the dirt," Kimmel told his daughter, "Jane your father ate all of your Halloween candy."

Jane remained firm and would only say, "no," before moving on to her pancake concerns.

We can only imagine what next year has in store for us!