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Kiki's Bakery Is The Real Deal In Japan!

Kiki's Bakery Is The Real Deal In Japan!

by James Duya

Good News! Fans of the Studio Ghibli films will surely be mind blown by the fact that Kiki's Delivery Service can actually be found in real life. The bakery, to be specific. The movie shows the trainee witch named Kiki who delivers bread for a bakery by broomstick with her cat Jiji by her side. You can see the bakery itself in action in a small hamlet called Yufuin Floral Villlage in south-west Japan. 

Fans will surely be pleased by the Kiki-inspired bread and pastries that are being sold, and you would also spot Kiki's cat by the entrance!

 Overall, it would be such a delightful and enthralling experience if you happen to come by for a visit.



2. Kiki’s Bakery (Sign)


Even the Cat's on point


5. Even Inside the Bread Shop Looks So Neat

6. The Perfect Breads

7. Looks So Delicious

8. Would you get one?

9. Outside looks even beautiful

10. Never forget the Cat

11. Wishing that someday we can get to go here.