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Love Won: This Woman's Boss Walked Her Down the Aisle Because Her Father Refused


Love Won: This Woman's Boss Walked Her Down the Aisle Because Her Father Refused

HSBC Bank in Taiwan is sending waves of love all over the Internet right now because of a video they posted online recently.

In the touching video, we meet two incredible women. One is an employee of HSBC Bank, Jennifer, and the other is Jennifer's partner of eleven years, Sam. It's hard not to get tears in your eyes hearing Jennifer's story and the obstacles she's had to overcome just to get to her special day.... her wedding day. All over the world, the LGBT community faces adversity and people who won't accept them for who they are and parents are no exceptions but many conservative Asian cultures make it so much more difficult. This was the case for Jennifer, whose parents won't even acknowledge her relationship with Sam, her partner, and flat out refused to attend her wedding.

Yet Jennifer persevered through the emotional conflicts of not having her parents support and focused more on other potential consequences of coming out, like how her work would react. Jennifer said:

I was concerned that it would stop clients banking with [us]. So I considered it very carefully.

But in the end, she couldn't have been farther from the truth because it was more like the opposite of her fears became her reality. Jennifer's parents were the only ones to refuse to come to her wedding, her coworkers flooded the special day with enthusiastic support and that's not all! In full support, Jennifer's boss and HSBC CEO, John Li walked her down the aisle.

Jennifer recalls:

CEO John was willing to walk me down the aisle, he even told us not to be nervous and to walk slowly.

Just goes to show that even if your closest family members can't look past the negativity in their hearts, that doesn't mean there are not amazing people ready and willing to enthusiastically support you as your dreams come true.

Sadly, Taiwan has not legalized same-sex marriage so this day was ceremonial only, but it doesn't change how important and special the day was to Jennifer and Sam and having the support of a community business behind them, or rather alongside them, speaks volumes to the potential progress being made these days!

Enjoy these highlights but don't let yourself not enjoy the video in all it's awe-inspiring love at the end!

1. Jennifer and Sam

Partners for ELEVEN years!


2. Jennifer and Sam

Jennifer's parents take extreme measures to not be supportive of Jennifer and Sam's relationship.


3. Jennifer and Sam

The couple had no clue how many people would celebrate their very special day with them.


4. Jennifer and Sam

Best of luck to the future of this happy couple!


Grab your tissue box and enjoy this heartfelt video that HSBC Bank posted themselves!

Jennifer says:

This wedding is really for the LGBTQ community. We hope our actions will encourage people and create respect among different communities.