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The Surprising Results of Each State's Most Googled Products

The Surprising Results of Each State's Most Googled Products


Look, I'm in my 30's so I can remember a time before Google. Before search engines were a common, daily practice in general, even. Wow, now I feel old.

Anyway! The truth is that most people today use Google to search for things multiple times daily, every single day of the year. Whether we turn to it for a quick recipe, price references, educational articles, funny videos, or even memes... we're constantly utilizing this simple feature to find anything and everything.

Of course, that's not where the story ends, your Google search history can reveal a lot about you! We're definitely not just talking naughty stuff. Think about all the things you've googled the last month. Words you weren't sure how to spell? Movie release dates? Is that celebrity you're crushing on gay? Politics? We're interesting creatures, humans. Our search histories probably reveal more little quirks then we'd like to admit, though. 

Much like our individual search engines might reveal about us, a collection of regional averages and most searched presumable reveals a lot about the general public. Wondering if moving to Florida is worth it? A simple review of their most searched Google history might convince you otherwise. (That and the blistering heat... and alligators... and bugs.)

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The answer to all questions:

So who has taken it upon themselves to put in the research and find out regionally most Googled information? Why a blog called Estately, whose main purpose is to help Americans decide which state they should live in. 

Using the Google shopping feature, Estately used Google Trends to measure Internet searches and then they used all that collected data to discover what products each state shopped online for with more frequency than all other states during the past 12 months. Sounds... simple enough. 

You're really going to get a kick out of this, too. Some of the top answers are absolutely hysterical, while others reveal an awful lot about the communities. Check out the next page to begin!