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The Surprising Results of Each State's Most Googled Products

The Surprising Results of Each State's Most Googled Products

Look, I'm in my 30's so I can remember a time before Google. Before search engines were a common, daily practice in general, even. Wow, now I feel old.

Anyway! The truth is that most people today use Google to search for things multiple times daily, every single day of the year. Whether we turn to it for a quick recipe, price references, educational articles, funny videos, or even memes... we're constantly utilizing this simple feature to find anything and everything.

Of course, that's not where the story ends, your Google search history can reveal a lot about you! We're definitely not just talking naughty stuff. Think about all the things you've googled the last month. Words you weren't sure how to spell? Movie release dates? Is that celebrity you're crushing on gay? Politics? We're interesting creatures, humans. Our search histories probably reveal more little quirks then we'd like to admit, though. 

Much like our individual search engines might reveal about us, a collection of regional averages and most searched presumable reveals a lot about the general public. Wondering if moving to Florida is worth it? A simple review of their most searched Google history might convince you otherwise. (That and the blistering heat... and alligators... and bugs.)

The answer to all questions:

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So who has taken it upon themselves to put in the research and find out regionally most Googled information? Why a blog called Estately, whose main purpose is to help Americans decide which state they should live in. 

Using the Google shopping feature, Estately used Google Trends to measure Internet searches and then they used all that collected data to discover what products each state shopped online for with more frequency than all other states during the past 12 months. Sounds... simple enough. 

You're really going to get a kick out of this, too. Some of the top answers are absolutely hysterical, while others reveal an awful lot about the communities. Check out the next page to begin!

It's always worth a Google.

via: Best Animations

1. Alabama

Adult diapers, Curry 2 Low, Paula Deen Air Fryer, CPAP mask, roller skates.

Wow, that's a wild ride from beginning to end.

2. Alaska

Connect Four, ugly Christmas sweater, drones, webcams, M-16 rifle.

I wonder if they play Connect Four in their ugly Christmas sweaters in Alaska?

3. Arizona

Milk-frother, marijuana seeds for sale, money belt, beret hat, Kangol hat, Juicy Couture tracksuit.

I don't know which item on this list is the best but I'm leaning towards the tracksuit.

On second thought, tracksuits aren't too bad.

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4. Arkansas

Tablet computer, night vision goggles, tattoo sleeves, Paula Deen furniture, tutu, costume jewelry.

I wonder why so many people in Arkansas are interested in night vision goggles... that might be worth googling.

5. California

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Baywatch swimsuit, avocado slicer, Roach Motel, Pomade, Stadium Buddy, Onion Goggles, Guy Fieri knives, Bob Marley poster, Bacon Soap, baby-on-board sticker, wallet chain, purple leather jacket, Armani jeans, Louis Vuitton money clip, bulk glitter, raccoon trap, Pikachu dog costume.

Oh California, you are chaos incarnate. 

6. Colorado

Handerpants, Trump toilet paper, Borat mankini, swim briefs, tube socks.

I was expecting more munchies related searches but Borat Mankini also makes perfect sense.


Zero regrets Googling "Borat Mankini."

via: K-S

7. Connecticut

Insect trap, Ivanka Trump jewelry, pet rock, Pilates Pro Chair.

Wow, I think Connecticut might actually be the most boring state in the USA based off of this. 

8. Delaware

Genealogical DNA test, umbrella, Crocs.

Note to self: Never move to Delaware, they love crocs too much. 

9. District of Columbia

Shutter shades, bowling shirt.

...Seems legit.

10. Florida

Boyfriend arm pillow, Guy Fieri cookware, rollerblades Walmart, car bra, 9mm suppressor, men’s cargo shorts, paintball sniper rifle.

I'm not going to lie, I was really expecting Florida to be more amusing than this.

The Boyfriend Arm Pillow. Car Bra wasn't as funny as I was hoping it would be.


11. Georgia

Plaid pants, zombie apocalypse survival kit, Ed Hardy shirt, camo wedding dress.

OK, Georgia sounds pretty cool now.

12. Hawaii

GoPro Hero, Flowbee, speargun, aloha shirt, fanny pack, Spam, Louis Vuitton bag.

Why am I not surprised about the aloha shirt?

13. Idaho

Shamwow, NERF Blaster, Fez, metal detector, glass pipe, smoked turkey, trucker hat, surfboard.

"Trucker hat." Oh, Idaho...

14. Illinois

Electric wine bottle opener, giant wine glass, gun silencer, patterned tights, Solo cups, floating beer pong table, Golden Girls mug.

I don't know whether to be amused by how obsessed Illinois is with wine or concerned about the gun silencer.

Totally dig the idea of a Golden Girls mug, though.

via: Tenor

15. Indiana

Shark costume, Tiddy Bear, Eggstractor, blow-up doll, cloche hat.

Um... Tiddy bear? You bet I'm about to Google that.

...I don't know what I expected.


16. Iowa

Temporary tattoo, lava lamp.

That's what Iowa gets for being so boring.

17. Kansas

Plus size lingerie wholesale.

I'm not going to lie: I did not expect to see this from Kansas.

18. Kentucky

Adult big wheel, Confederate flag shirt, syringes, air mattress, ferrets for sale, Starter jacket 90s, comics.

I wish I could emphasize enough how not surprised I am by this.


via: MTV

19. Louisiana 

Microwave oven, Uroclub, Flex Seal, rat poison, big wheel, Fundies, portable diesel generator, hair extensions, crawfish pot.

I wonder why Microwave oven is so high on this list...

20. Maine

Chicken coop, marijuana seeds, canoe, cat food, Mason jar, snowmobile.

So crazy cat people are super common in Maine... also not surprised by that.

21. Maryland

Comfort Wipe, Bacon Soda, cargo pants, cargo pants for women.

Bacon soda?!

Anyone else feel like they belong in Maryland right now?


22. Massachusetts

 Potty Putter, Samurai Umbrella, velour tracksuit.

OK, so, Massachusetts just got a lot more interesting. 

23. Michigan

Car emergency kit, no-tie shoelaces, hunting clothes, beer pong table, Prince memorabilia, white truffle, white truffle oil.

I guess Michigan really likes Prince?

24. Minnesota

Mustache wax, iCare vape, parachute pants, hunting pack, electric surfboard.

I mustache you a question... about mustache wax. 

25. Mississippi

Mink coat, Apple Watch, Shake Weight, hoverboard, Bible, Uggs, Uggs for men, spy camera, bell-bottoms, leg warmers, deer feeder, coffin, caskets.

Mississippi sounds mildly interesting based off of these.

26. Missouri

Gun rack, garden gnome, potato gun.

I am not surprised about the potato gun.

Potato Guns are cool.


27. Montana

M16 rifle, mudflaps, nunchucks, composting toilet, slingshot, bear trap, Beano, Birkenstocks, leather jacket, sewing machine.

I'm mostly amused by the nunchucks.

28. Nebraska

UNO fireworks, scented candles, personal massager, jorts, adjustable dumbbell set.

It's 2017, Jorts shouldn't be on anyone's list, least of all the top of an entire state's search history.

29. Nevada

Wine fridge, electric skateboard, Tao Te Ching, ugly holiday sweater, magic tricks, leisure suit.

How culturally sensitive of them to search "holiday" in ugly holiday sweater!

30. New Hampshire

Immersion blender, Ivanka Trump shoes, Edible Arrangement, rowing machine, dog coat, cargo shorts.

I didn't think New Hampshire was cold enough for dog coats to be so popular.



31. New Jersey

Amazon Echo, Starter jacket, Gucci fanny pack, Prada perfume.

Not much to see here.

32. New Mexico

PlayStation VR, digital camera, Bluetooth headphones, instant camera, jackalope, Baseboard Buddy, Chia Pet, dreamcatcher, brass knuckles, prayer flag, food dehydrator, cowboy hat, cosmetics, snow cone machine.

Hey, chia pets had to be popular somewhere still, right?

33. New York

Fur clothing, Wearable Towel, Showtime Rotisserie, coyote urine, Payless boots that look like Uggs, tracksuit, women’s tracksuits, plaid golf pants, snakeskin shoes, platform sneakers, hemp necklace, hemp bracelet, men’s capri pants, Prada heels, mini wine bottles bulk.

New York is very fashion focused. 

34. North Carolina

Padded underwear, pet snakes, THC vape juice, laser tag set, dog Halloween costume.

I wonder if they wear the padded underwear because of the pet snakes?

Laser Tag is always awesome, though.

via: Tumblr

35. North Dakota

Noise-cancelling headphones, George Foreman Grill, Total Gym, nickname, Jet Ski, Wii, capri pants, cat costume.

Cats in costumes are pretty great, actually.

36. Ohio

Donald Trump tie,  beard trimmer, nose hair trimmer, zombie garden gnome, Kate Spade fitness tracker, indoor putting green, denim vest, camo lingerie.

I'm immediately inclined to find some zombie garden gnomes now, thanks.

37. Oklahoma

Sidewalk chalk, Kevin Durant jersey, ExtenZe, gas mask bong, throwing knives, Neodymium magnet toys, smoked ham, zombie survival kit, participation trophy, dog life jacket, 50 caliber sniper rifle.

I don't know what's best here but there's an awful lot to choose from.

Gas mask bongs... for those who just need to get stupid stoned.


38. Oregon

Homebrew supplies, clip-on ties, anti-snore pillow, hunting apparel.

Clip-on ties? Really?

39. Pennsylvania

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa, trigger lock, head massager, soap-on-a-rope, mesh shirt, pinky rings.

I could go for a head massage, actually.

40. Rhode Island

Rat trap, Speedos, bodysuit.

Let's face it, someone was bound to have speedos on the list.

41. South Carolina

Amazon Fire TV, samurai sword, adult Underoos.

Adult Underoos? Of course. 

42. South Dakota

Exploding Kittens, Play-Doh, Cards Against Humanity, Catan, kegerator, slow cooker, Spanx, Ivanka Trump clothes, catheter, Lite-Brite, catapult, tube top, rod holders.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Exploding Kittens?

It's okay, Exploding Kittens is a card game.

via:Droid Life

43. Tennessee

Colostomy bags, adult colouring book, Dapper Dan Pomade, crack pipe, toupee, two-way radio, women’s overalls, bulk dog food, gator meat, Gucci mink coat.

Why is crack pipe on this?! Tennessee, are you okay?

44. Texas

Confederate flag bumper sticker, Igloo mini fridge, Hilary toilet paper, urinary catheter, truck gun rack, cowboy hat rack, boot-cut jeans, five-toe shoes, 90s overalls, Daisy Duke shorts, leather cuffs, concealed carry corset, Nazi memorabilia, casket sprays, waterless urinal.

Note to self: Say no to Texas

45. Utah

Legos, mermaid tails, unicycle, Tanakh, Nintendo 3DS, belt buckle.

I wasn't really expecting Utah to be this cool, in all honesty. 

46. Vermont

Selfie stick, Battleship, Slim Jim, Quran, Magic 8-Ball.

These are all amazing.

The Selfie Stick.


47. Virginia

Thighmaster, Bacon of the Month, hip flask, choose your own adventure books, puka shell necklace, bulk supplements, legal steroid, pet clothes.

Thigh masters are still around, now we know.

48. Washington

Temporary tattoo paper, emergency kit, emergency rations, earthquake kit, Canadian tuxedo, squid jig, crab pot, clam gun, shrimp pot.

Washington sounds pretty interesting.

49. West Viriginia

PlayStation 4, Slip ‘N Slide, laptop, tablet computer, rebel flag, Flags of the Confederate States of America, mini fridge, Red Copper Square Pan, duct tape, Confederate flag bikini, futon, bong, handgun, shotgun, electronic cigarette, lingerie, plus size lingerie, Etch A Sketch, FitBit, moonshine still, Beanie Babies, bikini, pogo stick, Xbox One, NES Classic Edition.

None of this is surprising. None of it.

50. Wisconsin

Truck nuts, Bacon Salt, Stihl chainsaw parts, The Sopranos Season 6, Big Mouth Billy Bass, healing crystals.

What, no cheese?

51. Wyoming

Kindle Fire, Rubik’s Cube, ammunition, Snuggie, Bowflex, grenade, Fabletics, gas mask, gun safe, Turducken, Rumba, inline skates, bolo tie, long underwear, dog food, bagpipes, fishing pole paintball, AK-47,  Colt AR-15, bulletproof vest, body armour.

I was hoping Snuggie would be on here somewhere. Better at the end than never!

Shoutout to Estately for the research.