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Science Has Finally Determined The Most Painful Ways To Die

Science Has Finally Determined The Most Painful Ways To Die


For as long as humans have existed so has a fascination with all things morbid. Humanity has a pretty horrifying history of all things macabre. Terrifying historical torture techniques still make us cringe to this day and haunted abandoned hospitals are must indulge in experiences for people from all walks of life.

It's probably also not far fetched to think that many of us have conceived a thought to the tune of, "I would never want to die that way." I mean, I know I have (drowning, I would never want to drown.) Yet is there any basis for our fears other than the scenario seems terrifying?

Well, like many things throughout time, science has come to the rescue. If by rescue we mean helping us understand a definitive list of ways we definitely don't want to die. Or I suppose if you're a bit sadistic ways you may want your enemies to die. 


So how did this conversation even come about?

You can thank your good friends at Reddit, of course. 

In a recent thread, Reddit users inquisitively quizzed two outstanding individuals on the subject of death. Asking to the tune of "the most interesting ways you can die," led us to a very creative and creepy thread. Creative writer Cody Cassidy teamed up with a senior scientist at San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum, Paul Doherty (who was also on the research team for the Viking Mars expedition) to indulge the darkest fantasies of the deep, dark web and they did so expertly with dark and grizzly responses. 

See what they had to say for yourself:


1. Stuck Inside A Plunging Elevator


Like a scene from a horror movie we can picture it now: plummeting to your death, trapped in an elevator. This is the death nightmares are frequently made of. But hey, the two dudes had some solid advice for anyone who may find themselves needing it: “Laying flat on your back is the best way to spread out the G forces evenly through your body. If you’re standing up, your organs may keen falling even though your body has stopped. You should also hope that the elevator fits snugly in its shaft, so the pillow of air below the car slows the fall and the broken elevator cable below can provide some cushioning.”

2. Floating Too Close To A Neutron Star

Because being ripped apart via medieval times wouldn't be as fun, take a sneak peek at how Doherty described dying in this manner (and prepare to cringe, hardcore:)"Let’s assume the neutron star is unnaturally quiet. You’ll be in free fall, and as usual, it’s not the fall that kills you. Gravity is stronger at close distances and weaker further away. This means if your head is pointed toward the neutron star it will be tugged toward the star much more strongly than your feet and this tidal force will rip you apart.” Click on the next page to see more.