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Smokey the Sad Dog And His Beloved Stuffed Animal Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Smokey the Sad Dog And His Beloved Stuffed Animal Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Smokey the dog is taking the Internet by storm and it's not hard to see why.

The adorable dog and his calm, sweet disposition have had a rough time adjusting to life in an animal shelter after his family lost their home in a fire. The loud and unusual environment has led to some understandable depression for sweet Smokey. For Smokey it was just too difficult for him to adjust to his new environment. However, Smokey was lucky enough to have a toy, stuffed elephant to offer him comfort and support. In fact, Smokey wouldn't want to go anywhere without his stuffed elephant! Even the tag in the animal shelter for Smokey says very boldly, "Keep my elephant with me!"

1. Smokey's Journey

Smokey was brought to the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center when his family lost their home in a fire. When Smokey was taken away from his family... his smile faded away. His once happy face displayed a genuine sadness instead.

via:Facebook - Dorren Buchler

2. Why is Smokey sad?

Smokey's home life had been calm and quiet and he thrived in that environment. No longer being in his comfort zone really changed Smokey. Smokey missed being pet and loved on and being in the shelter deprived him of that regular physical contact. In the shelter, Smokey was clearly stressed out and depressed. He even seemed a little scared.

via:Franklin County Dog Shelter Facebook Page

3. Smokey and his elephant.

Because Smokey was growling frequently, he was not put for adoption to the general public by the shelter. Instead, something better was in store for Smokey. They arranged for him to go to a foster home, which should help ease his transition to his new life.

via:I Have a Dream Rescue Foundation

4. Smokey's Smile

In a twist of fate, Lucky regained his smile when a team of volunteers from the rescue organization, "I Have A Dream Rescue Foundation" were at the shelter to evaluate a different dog and simply fell in love with the sad dog cuddling his stuffed elephant.

via:I Have a Dream Rescue Foundation

5. Sweet Smokey

Since Smokey was so clearly unhappy living in the animal shelter, the rescue organization decided to take Smokey in for the moment. Smokey and his stuffed elephant will stay with the organization for now until the original family who’ve lost their home will be able to take him back!

via:I Have a Dream Rescue Foundation

Of course, if that isn't possible, the organization made it clear that Smokey can stay with them as long as necessary and would be placed for adoption.

As long as Smokey doesn't have to be sad in the shelter anymore, that's what matters most to the volunteers who have gone the extra mile to bring a smile back to Smokey and it's definitely working!

When the "I Have A Dream Rescue Foundation" shared Smokey's story it quickly went viral  and gained a TON of attention. In turn, the owners of the animal shelters hope that Smokey's story motivates people everywhere to adopt other dogs from shelters because it's so clear how a little love goes a long way for a dog and everyone involved in Smokey's life today is so happy to see his frown turn upside down, and that his joyful disposition has returned.