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The 14 Things Hollywood NEEDS to do With Their Live-Action Naruto Movie or We Riot

The 14 Things Hollywood NEEDS to do With Their Live-Action Naruto Movie or We Riot

Hollywood has gotten a bad rep lately for their interpretations and re-makings of some interesting movies.

*cough* Ghost in the Shell *cough*

In the wake of their presumed travesties, it's probably a really good idea for them to start taking notes and listen to the fans. They have an opportunity to make a seriously good movie but it's definitely going to require these 14 tips be listened to and well-respected!


The casting and the costumes are a major concern for most fans so hopefully they look to Japan's stage version of Naruto for inspiration because they seriously nailed cast and costume.


However important cast and costume may be those are definitely not the only obstacles Hollywood has to face. Here are 14 mandatory things Hollywood needs to do!

1. The Famous Run

This arm flailing run is essentially iconic Naruto imagery and it is MANDATORY in the movie. They better nail it.


2. The HAIR

All of it, every single little gaudy, awful, amazing hair style needs to be nailed. Don't even bother making the movie in the first place if you're going to royally muck the hair. Seriously!


3. Sakura constantly talking to herself

They could probably easily mess this up but they better not. It's a great opportunity to make this movie epic.


4. Kakashi's Butt Attack

If they mess this up, they should be ashamed of themselves. They also need to be sure not to exclude it. Bring it to us in full glory. Or else.


5. Rock Lee

There's a suspicion they may forget this character exists. DO NOT DO THAT. Give us Rock Lee.

via:naruto base

6. Sexual Tension

Specifically, the high impact sexual tension between Naruto and Sasuke. Please just don't mess this up.


7. Naruto's Ramen Obsession

It may seem trivial to Hollywood but this quirk needs to not only make it in the film but it needs to be done right. Good luck.

via:online athens

8. Hand signals

This is one of those things that would be easy to mess up but if they don't mess this up will really take the movie to the next level. So Hollywood: Don't mess this up.


9. Filler

I mean, come on. Hollywood you only have shot for fame or shame with this movie.


10. Naruto's Epic Transformation

If this isn't perfect then we're packing all of Hollywood into a rocket and sending them hurling into the sun. Do not mess this up. DO NOT.


11. Jiraiya's obsessions.

Cram-packed with opportunities, don't leave this plot thickening tactic out of the live-action movie. Go all in.


12. This epic scene

Don't leave it out and do not muck it up. Seriously, we will riot.

via:tv tropes

13. This other epic scnee

This fight sequence is another mandatory one. Don't you dare mess it up.

via:funny junk

14. Kakashi

Specifically, his lips. They're fabulous. Nail it!