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The Best Baby Shower Ever Was Thrown for Kittens

The Best Baby Shower Ever Was Thrown for Kittens

by Elana

Angie Young is making Crazy Cat Ladies everywhere incredibly proud. Her story is inspiring from start to finish.

A proud fur mom of cats for a whopping three decades, Angie's heart broke when her final feline companion crossed the rainbow bridge. Her heart ached and the sorrow was almost impossible to describe. All of us who have loved our furry family members have known the pain of loss and we've all been in that moment where we said the very same thing Angie said as her last baby left this earthly plane, and that was that she was done bringing cats into her life. The love was worth a lifetime but the loss was too painful to continue to repeat, she seemed to resolve to herself, and we've all been there in moments just like that.

However, Angie's sorrow and resolve lasted only 18 months before she decided her life needed the enrichment that cats had always offered.


Angie's change of heart occurred as she found herself spending copious amounts of time on YouTube looking at videos of famous kitties. Fond memories rushed back and a lightbulb went off telling Angie it was time to be a fur mom again and she decided to adopt two purrfect kitties. Angie's heart settled on a baby Scottish Fold and a baby Maine Coon.

Later, Angie told reporters:

So my journey began and I went on and on for about 9 months! I drove my family and friends crazy. “Cat, cat, cat, cat, kitten, cat, kitten, cat, cat…” was all I spoke about, to everyone!


The idea to throw her kitties a BABY SHOWER spawned from a thought process beginning with Angie not having any human babies of her own but feeling like the long process of bringing her two kittens home was like waiting for a miracle to take place.

And then she pondered:

...what if I never get to experience a baby shower? Or to celebrate the arrival of my babies with my family and friends? Oh how lovely would it be to have a baby shower for everyone to meet my new furbabies! Could I do that? Is that normal?

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