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The Mindblowing Video That Links All Disney-Pixar Movies Together

The Mindblowing Video That Links All Disney-Pixar Movies Together


There's a long standing theory surrounding the Disney-Pixar universe and it is pretty simple to understand: Every single movie exists in the same "universe." No, we don't mean our actual universe but a theoretical universe in which all of the characters from all of Disney-Pixar's animated movies all exist in one world where they could all theoretically come into contact with each other, and as you'll see, many actually have...

In fact many have made a game out of finding the hidden clues and hat tips to previous movies and upcoming movies throughout Disney-Pixar's classics and some famous examples that get the fandom really excited include the Nemo teddy bear in Monster's Inc to a carving of Sully in Brave. These traditions have been around for nearly 20 years now and we're convinced the animators simply enjoy leaving small treasures and gems for fans to find and notice and enjoy in each and every one of their magical movies.


So what is the motivation from the animators and what's the story behind this long standing tradition?

Well Disney is no longer leaving us hanging and they've posted a video to the official Toy Story Facebook Page with a loud and proud message that our theories have been correct, they all do exist in one universe!

Wow, this is really crazy to have our little conspiracy theory confirmed, right? Watch the video on the next page and see for yourself!