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The Real-Life Anime Girl You Need to See to Believe

The Real-Life Anime Girl You Need to See to Believe

Her name is Anastasiya Shpagina and she's a Russian make-up artist and famous You-Tuber with well over 2 million subscribers. She really took the Internet by storm around 5 years ago with her mind-blowing, jaw-dropping anime eyes and people really never stopped talking about her. Her anime make up sparked controversy and rumors that she would seek surgery to appear even more cartoon-like! She's definitely an extremely talented model and it's not hard to see why anime fans drool over her talent. Seeing the style we love so dearly in the real world is seriously pretty cool. Check out this gallery with 15 photos of her incredible talents and the video that launched her fame!


1. That hair flip, though.

Anime style.


2. Anime poses

She's got those down, too.


3. Life-like doll

Her hair, her eyes, her expression... flawless execution.


4. Kitty ears for days.

Because no anime look would be complete without these ears.

via:tuning pp

5. What a waist line...

Anastasiya really went above and beyond to make her look "just right."

via:waffles at noon

6. Facial expressions

From accessories to facial expressions, Anastasiya knows what she's doing for sure.


7. Outfit like whoa!

Even her outfits scream anime style.

via:entertainment mesh

8. Make-Up Game On Point

She slays the anime girl look.


9. I did say jaw-dropping, right?

Because this totally dropped my jaw.


10. No seasonal objections.

Even in Autumn she looks amazing.


11. These eyes!

Stunning, absolutely stunning!

via:en starz

12. Seriously, these poses are killer.

Between the eyes and the way she poses, she's really got it down.


13. So much personality!

There's really a lot of personality cram packed into her work.


14. One of a kind.

She really is one of a kind, there's no one quite like her.


15. She really gest into it.

You can tell by her costumes and make up that she really loves what she's doing. She's definitely good at it!


And here's the video that started it all almost 5 years ago. It's simple, it's short. But her eyes opened the eyes of millions of fans: