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These Are Real Life Doppelgängers to Cartoon Characters

These Are Real Life Doppelgängers to Cartoon Characters

by Ezra Zydan

If you've ever wondered whether or not cartoon characters were based off real-life people, then just a take look at this list to see for yourself. These doppelgängers definitely do their animated counterparts some justice.

Real Life Andy

via:College Humor

Well, at least we know if they ever consider doing live-action (please god no) Toy Story, they'll have a guy perfect for the role.

Carl Fredricksen - Up

via:The FW

This man is almost an exact replica of Fredricksen, and that's just fantastic. Here's hoping he doesn't attempt to replicate the events of the film.

Real Life Mr. Burns


It's a good thing that this fellow probably isn't as well off as Mr. Burns, or as sinister looking, because that could spell doom for a lot of people.

Real Life Beavis

via:Legit Scoop

There's no telling what this fella got himself into, what with those scratch marks on his head.