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This Disney Princess Inspired Lingerie Is Causing An Uproar

This Disney Princess Inspired Lingerie Is Causing An Uproar

The fact that Disney has been entertaining audiences of all ages for decades upon decades alone would certainly suggest that all things Disney are not exclusively for the enjoyment of children, right? Well, one company has taken it upon themselves to enthusiastically suggest that yes, Disney is for everyone, including adults who fancy some lingerie. 

Online boutique, has launched Disney Princess inspired lingerie and while some fans are enthusiastically scooping it up to wear and adore, others have found themselves in quite the scandalous uproar over the suggestive undergarments. 

Yandy does not specifically list the Disney Princesses as inspiration for their line of lingerie but they're also not complaining about the clear comparison being made or the crowd of fans they're pulling in.

Presently, Yandy offers 6 sets of lingerie but plenty others are in the works. 

1. The Little Mermaid, Princess Ariel

I suppose we've already seen most of this on Ariel, if you really think about it.


Presently the undergarments are available in America and go for a price range of $28-40 and come in options ranging from Queen Elsa to Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

2. Frozen's Elsa

Be the ice queen you've known all along you were with this Elsa themed set.


3. Alladin, Princess Jasmine

I'd say this is seeing a whole new world.


4. Snow White

Because why wouldn't you eat poisoned apples dressed like this?


5. Pocahontas

This definitely falls far away from the original Native American.


While plenty of fans are excited about the sensual outfits, others have raised reasonable concerns, namely to question how appropriate it is to sexualize childhood characters idolized by young children world-wide. 

Comments from concerned parties have included everything from:

I don’t know how I feel about these


If you’re going to make lingeries to gore something like a Disney Princess, they shouldn’t make it so freaking sexy.


I’m tired of seeing Disney princesses sexualised… keep childhood somewhat pure and sacred.

6. Sleeping Beauty's Princess Aurora

I'd say she's ready for Prince Phillip


7. Cinderella

Don't get us wrong, this is exquisite, but it's definitely for after midnight.


8. Beauty and the Beast, Belle

Belle isn't available yet but people are already excited for this one.


9. Evil Queen

Definitely bringing out a darker side with this one.


For now, it appears Yandy is enjoying the attention, and presumably the sales. We'll continue to watch and see just how far this fad goes!