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This Photography Captures the Rarely Visible Side of Japan

This Photography Captures the Rarely Visible Side of Japan

by Ezra Zydan

Ever wonder what's so alluring about photography in Japan? This compiled list of different photographer's work in Japan (from Tokyo to Kawagoe and beyond) shows us exactly what it is that draws photographers to the country: The neon alleys that light up the nights in Tokyo. The hustle and bustle of everyday life in Japan. The beauty in the shrines and altars placed at various locations around Japan. Renown street photographers such as Takeshi Yasui and Kaitaro Kobayashi have their work showcased here, as well as many others, and if you've never been to Japan, these images will definitely make you want to go. Be sure to bring along your camera if you ever decide to make the trip.



Cats huddle to keep warm beneath a vehicle during the snowy season.



via:Kaitaro Kobayashi

So many different colours on each level.


via:Yuma Yamashita

M.C. Escher would be able to take this and make it into a new set of crazy stairs.


via:Tatsuo Suzuki

Yves Saint Laurent? Yeah, I'd hold on to that too.