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This Woman Lost 186 Pounds But Her Journey Is Not Over

This Woman Lost 186 Pounds But Her Journey Is Not Over


When all is said and done, there is no "easy" way to lose 186 pounds. However, there are some more drastic measures than others. 

Kayla Butcher is one such young woman, who turned to the extreme side of weight loss and had gastric bypass surgery to help her lose 186 pounds. 

Learning her story, determination to persevere and overcome, and how she's preparing for the next step in a powerful journey has led to quite the following on her Instagram account as people all over are inspired by her massive weight loss.

Today, Kayla is left with an awful lot of excess skin. It's not uncommon for those who turn to weight loss surgery but Kayla has made a name for herself and she's ready to take the final step in her transformation.


Kayla captioned this image with: "Another transformation Tuesday for those who say I look like I have no loose skin. I have more skin than I can truly show you.."

Kayla explains she was an active child. She played hockey, softball, volleyball, and was even active in track and field. Despite her being such an active child, Kayla says she grew up with "toxic eating habits," and because of that she gained weight. In fact, Kayla attributes a major component of her obesity to her childhood eating habits including the fact that her and her siblings were never limited. They could eat whatever and whenever. 

Of course, Kayla also knows that her childhood eating habits are not the only thing that led to her obesity and she's not been shy about sharing the intimate details that brought her where she is today.