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15 Times Twitter Took Disney To A Whole New Level

15 Times Twitter Took Disney To A Whole New Level

Twitter is a phenomenal outlet for humor and curiosity along with a plethora of other things. When it comes to asking the tough questions or pointing out the hilarious obvious that we often overlook, there are few better places to go than Twitter. Since character limits are set the tweets are always straight to the point and when they're ON point, they're guaranteed to make you laugh. Or, at the very least, they'll make you rethink the perspectives of your childhood. From realizing the dynamics of relationships and meanings of songs to inserting ourselves into our favorite classic Disney stories, Twitter has been on a roll. 


1. This is dark.

Erase the thoughts from the live action movie and just realize this is a plausible explanation. 

2. If only we had the same privileges of the Disney Princesses. 

Seriously, I deserve some more respect for sleeping as much as I do. 


3. Fair point

Honestly Belle, did you even consider this option?
(She probably actually did but that wouldn't propel the plot, would it?)


4. We literally love Rob Lowe, though.


5. Excuse me...

I need to go re-watch this so I can appreciate this character in all his glory. 

6. If there is anything we can appreciate about Disney...

It's their attention to detail.

7. Belle the Bully

Valid points, Twitter. Valid points. 

8. Toy Story will never be the same.

This is a huge plot hole, Disney. HUGE. 

9. There's not enough coffee in the world for this...

But jeeze, get me some coffee before you propose. Especially if you're waking me up from a DEEP sleep. Rude. 

10. Disney got dark.

Too dark, Disney. TOO dark. 

11. She's right.

We don't talk about this enough.

12. Delicious, delicious

This is a valid point. Good thinking on Sebastian's part. 

13. That sobering moment you realize the "little" mermaid is taller than you...

Not so little now.

14. Belle was OG Nerdy.

The original. 

15. Oh.

What better way to spend our time than to reflect on the dark undertones of some of the happiest Disney songs?

16. To be fair...

The Disney version was not 100 years. But I'm sure her breath was not that stellar regardless. 

I grew up watching Disney but I didn't actually know that the movies were based on rather Grimm stories (pun intended!) They rarely live happily ever after. Have a look at these original versions of your favorite Disney movies... they will definitely ruin your childhood.