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12 Women on Twitter Whose Tweets Are Absolutely Hilarious

12 Women on Twitter Whose Tweets Are Absolutely Hilarious

With literally millions of users on Twitter these days it can be hard to weed through all the lame tweets to find the ones that may as well be cast in gold because they are just that good but that's where we come in. Every day we look for a reason to laugh but these 12 women have laid some hilarious tweets at our computer screens this last week and they're just, quite frankly, too funny not to share again.

If you're anything like me then you need a good chuckle today and I can promise you, you'll find that much-needed chuckle here with these hilarious tweets. 


1. That's 2 very important seconds, okay.

2. Shout out to the old ladies.


3. Meow.


4. Now this is what I call relatable content.

5. Clearly you haven't met the woman who loves soft pretzels. 

6. When you know this seal has seen things.

7. Well... that just depends on your capacity for stupid questions. 

8. Facts of life.

9. Here's a lovely tune.

10. Never underestimate a woman's love for a dress with pockets. 

11. The legend we need.

12. Let's be real here, who doesn't need this?