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Your Favourite Disney Guy Based On Zodiac Signs

Your Favourite Disney Guy Based On Zodiac Signs

by Ezra Zydan

Ever look at Disney characters and wonder what your proverbial match would be if you were to base it on your zodiac sign? Well, wonder no more! Here are your essential love matches based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: Li Shang

Li Shang is the type to be caring, strong, and willing to put in the work necessary to sway you to his side.

Taurus: John Smith

John Smith loves a good adventure and having fun in nature. He's a great fit for you.

Aquarius: Robin Hood

You love yourself a good old fashioned rebel with their own ideals and Robin Hood is right up your lane. Cute, hilarious, and quick-witted, he's the perfect mate for you.

Pisces: Hercules

He may be one of the strongest men on the planet, but it's easy for him to show you his sensitive side. Get him to fall for you, and he'll do almost anything to keep it that way.

Gemini: Aladdin

He's the king of romance even though he's a street rat at heart. That won't stop him from sweeping you off of your feet with his magic carpet, though.

Leo: Flynn Rider

He's got the smile of a tiger, and you're his prey: He's hilarious and a total bohemian. He knows just how to treat you to make you feel special (even if he annoys you a bit to get there).

Virgo: Prince Adam

With looks of perfection and a personality to match, he knows just how to behave both in and out of the bedroom, if you catch my drift.

Cancer: Kristoff

He's got history with melting the coldest of hearts, and your is next on his list. Get captivated by that adorable smile of his.

Scorpio: Phoebus

This glorious Frenchman whispered a few words in your ear and whisked you away off onto the dance floor before taking your heart home with him.

Sagittarius: Prince Naveen

His love of music and the arts, along with his chill demeanour will definitely have you falling head over heels for this Prince.

Libra: Simba

This is the one that will take you out for an evening beneath the stars. It's the perfect date for you and his majesty-to-be.

Capricorn: Tarzan

He's the kind of man that's in love with nature and loves to live wild and free. He'll show you adventure along with his wild side.